"Two of your men stopped and pushed me out of the snow... and then plowed and sanded in front of me until I made it safely to my house."

Gail T.

The National Weather Service has predicted and increased number and severity of storms in the coming years.  Be prepared and let FND take your storm worries away.  FND offers:

  • 24 Hour Snow Plowing and Snow Removal Services
  • Sanding and Salting
  • Commercial & Residential

We have over 40 years of experience in residential and commercial snow removal. Our experienced drivers/operators familiarize themselves with your property before the first snowfall. This helps eliminate unnecessary damage occurring to your property when everything is covered in white.

Our services extend from handwork on sidewalks and walkways to removal of large snow piles requiring heavy equipment such as loaders and tri-axles. Every year, we investigate new snow removal products to get the most effective yet environmentally friendly products for our clients.

In the spring, after the last snowfall, Durante can also clean up your property. We sweep and remove excess winter sand, replace dislodged parking bumpers, repair curbs and fill potholes.

Call us today so you're prepared for the next storm.